vwin德赢官方十层的观云阁宴会厅,为客人提供中、西式餐饮和宴会服务,尤以官府菜和养生菜最为独特。观云阁拥有8米高的奢侈空间,玻璃通顶透光大厅、空环型回 廊,能够同时容纳350人,可提供专业舞台、影音设备和休息室,是举办婚宴、酒会及年会的理想选择。10个厅房能为您提供小型会议及用餐使用。

Guan Yun Ge offering Chinese and Western catering and banquet services, especially in official food and health food of the most unique concept has seen the 8-meter luxury space, a unique glass roof pass through light hall, empty corridors ring, can accommodate 350 people, can provide professional arena, audio-visual equipment and lounge, is the wedding, reception and an ideal choice for the annual meeting will be held. 10 different sizes and styles to suit your dining VIP rooms, multiple needs of friends and family gatherings.

Business Hours:09:00-21:00
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A leisurely afternoon, with your best friends meeting at the Chateau Café, you can enjoy your afternoon tea in the elegant and comfortable environment, full of relaxation and harmony.

Business Hours:09:00-23:00
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