The elegant and magnificent view of cloud ballroom, with rare 8 meters high palace of a space, the wide area can also arrange 300 guests to attend the banquet, banquet hall is equipped with professional stage, audio-visual equipment and new lounge, is an ideal place for holding large banquet activities. The creative chef and considerate and caring team will create a perfect wedding for you and your family and friends to witness the happiest and most beautiful moments in your life.

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婚宴设施/Wedding Facilities

新人敬茶器皿/New tea shop

无服务费,无场租/No service charge, no rent

自带酒水免开瓶费/Bring your own drinks without bottle opening fee

嘉宾签到簿及签到笔/Guest registration book and sign in pen

奉送3磅精美蛋糕(一层)/A 3 pound fine cake (a)

5层香槟塔(含本地香槟两瓶)/5 layer champagne tower (containing two bottles of local champagne)

提供婚礼现场新娘化妆间1间/Provide 1 bridal dressing rooms at the wedding ceremony

婚礼标准舞台(7.2米*3.6米*0.4米)/Wedding standard stage (7.2 meters *3.6 meters *0.4 meters)

10张免费停车券(每张限5小时)/10 free parking tickets (5 hours per limit)

5000流明投影仪或2台52英寸液晶电视/5000 lumens projector or 2 52 Inch LCD TV

婚礼现场音响及专业音响师(3个无线麦克风)/Wedding live audio and professional audio engineer (3 wireless microphones)

婚礼指示牌(1层大堂电子指示牌、10层纸质指示牌)/Wedding signs (1 floors, electronic signage, 10 layers of paper signs)

婚礼前日提供新人观景套房一间一晚住宿,次日享受咖啡厅双人早餐/The day before the wedding, a new view suite, a one night stay, the next day to enjoy a coffee shop double breakfa

Wedding Facilities